How many sports sessions are needed per week?

How many sports sessions are needed per week?

Practicing sport is the best way to prevent cardiovascular disease. It also helps to keep fit and improve physical and moral well-being.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to follow a certain frequency to succeed in achieving results. In terms of frequency, opinions are diverse. While some are satisfied with a session or three sessions per week, some on the other hand cannot do without a day of sports.

However, we do not want to criticize the person who is happy with one session per week. On the contrary, if you have a goal and the latter requires only one session per week, you can continue at your own pace.

In summary, we wanted to make you understand that a sport session remains versatile in the sense of the word. However we will share the number of sessions per week needed to see results.


The number of workouts per session

In addition, before advising on the number of sessions per week, it will be necessary to determine the ideal duration of a session. In order to do this, several factors must be taken into account:

  • Your goal: you want to regain your health, keep your shape, strengthen your body or have the body of Dwayne Johnson. You will need to establish a program according to your motivation.
  • Your level: a beginner cannot have the same training program as a professional. He might get hurt or give up.
  • Your availability: You may be busy with your job or your children. You may not have the same schedule for a free person or a professional sportsman.

Here is a list of objectives to be targeted according to the number of workouts:

  • One session per week

It is clear that you cannot gain muscle mass by only doing one session per week. One session per week is rather advisable to the extent that you want to improve your health or have good digestion. However, if you are still young, you have some free time and motivation, you can increase the number of sessions.

  • Two workouts per week

From two sessions a week you will see an improvement both on your psychological and physical side. You perceive the benefits especially on the quality of sleep and on the level of fatigue.

  • Three times a week

Training three times a week causes rapid physical results. In fact, fats begin to melt and leave room for muscles that begin to draw. We'll have to alternate the days to get better.

  • 4 sessions per week

This is the most recommended rate by professionals. You can alternate without difficulty between the days to practice and the days to recover. Also, you can alternate different physical sports without any constraint.

  • 5 workouts per session

This frequency is adapted by professionals. It is better to adopt this frequency, once you are comfortable with your body and you have good dietary hygiene. Beginners are also advised not to adopt this frequency at the risk of injury. It is effective if you are looking to lose weight or if you want to take mass

  • 6 sessions per week

From 6 sessions, it is clear that you are starting from the category of addicts. This is officially the area of overdrive and to compensate you need to decrease the intensity of physical activities. However it is at all not recommended by professionals, you may have side effects like nervousness.

  • Seven times a week

If you perform the 7/7 sport, it is clear that you are suffering from the Bigorexie. You are one of the most addicted and even your sports coach will say that we cannot be thoroughly all the time. You can take an example of high level athletes who usually take two days off.


As you may have understood, a single session or six to seven sessions per week are not advisable to achieve results without any side effects. We should find the right balance according to your motivation however as above: it is rather recommend to practice 4 sessions a week. It should be known that in order to achieve results that it will be necessary to have more regularity and beyond that a great motivation.

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