How to start bodybuilding?

How to start bodybuilding?

You need to have a motivation and goals to achieve before you start bodybuilding. It is common to see today a good number of people register for bodybuilding, without going to the end. The observation made through the bodybuilding rooms, for most of those visited shows that many are the ones who give up after a year.

To win in the long run, it is best that you subscribe for a month or that you adopt 10-session notebooks.

You also need to give yourself goals that you can achieve. It is not easy to lose weight and become muscular in an interval of two months. In the same way, it would be impossible for you in the space of six months to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You can limit the time of the warm-up sessions and stretching to one hour and 30 minutes by working 3 to 4 times a week.

To check if the framing and the room match your expectations, is important that you do a test session.

A fitness room that does not have dumbbells or bars is not the ideal place to do bodybuilding. To prevent you from doing your own work, once you have registered, you must take care to probe the environment in which you want to start bodybuilding. In order not to deceive you, it is essential to do a test session.

Good start in bodybuilding!

The help of the coach is important for the beginning of the normal execution of the bodybuilding exercises. The free weights, accessories and handling of the different must be shown by the coach. If you are not a sportsman, the small period that you will spend with the coach will help you to better understand the weight training. For a well-defined program, this passage considered a condition is necessary.

For the start of bodybuilding you will have to do a job that will take into account your whole body. The workout should be done on three to four series per exercise, you must observe about 10-15 repetitions. To carry out the gestures, the loads you use must be light. Cardio-training activities should be used to improve your cardiovascular condition during this short fitness period. It will also allow you to master the basics of stretching so that you can keep the flexibility.

Where to do bodybuilding?

You can practice at home or make an inscription in the weight room. The most important thing is to have a muscular body, even if one of the cases has pros and cons.

Fitness room

It will have a lot of bodybuilding equipment at your disposal. To do cardio, you will not miss the guided machines, the free weights. A special program will be given to you by the coach to teach you the perfect performance of the exercises and the use of the machines.


The first thing before any bodybuilding session is the warm up.  A cardio training of 10 to 15 minutes and a few series of abdominal exercises is necessary before any bodybuilding session.

Bodybuilding at home

You will necessarily need to get some materials before you practice at home. Lack of coaching is the major drawback of bodybuilding at home, since no one could give you the basics of bodybuilding. So it's important to do some workouts in the bodybuilding room before you settle in at home (for the mastery of complicated exercises, such as the rowing bar, the dips, the tractions, the squat, the ' ' Raised earth ' ', to name but a few.

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