Sports needed to lose weight

Sports needed to lose weight

To lose weight it is essential to practice sport. To eliminate superfluous kilos you need a balanced and healthy diet but also a physical activity.  This article is about understanding the type of sport you should be practicing to lose weight. Here are a few.

Three things to lose weight are important to know:

Cardio Training

It's very effective if you want to lose calories. It's an exercise that also allows you to gain muscle volume.


To lose fat, you will also be able to do bodybuilding which is a great way, contrary to what people think. Your basic metabolism increases when you practice bodybuilding when you gain muscle. Bodybuilding exercises help to burn fat.

Calories spent

You have to work in a moderate way if you want to lose weight. It's not just the number of calories lost that allows you to lose weight, the intensity you put into the sport you make doesn't matter. To lose weight there are better sports that you have to practice, here they are.


Better avoid cardio-training when you are suffering from heart disease or breathing. So do a medical check by consulting your doctor. In the event of health problems such as cervical pain, lumbago, to name but a few, you must not do the following activities under any circumstances.

Rower or rowing

The rower is a very complete exercise, to lose weight quickly when it is associated with cardio-training and bodybuilding. All body muscles are solicited when you practice rowing. To muscle the whole body, it is very effective, it is also a sport that is beneficial for health.

 Cross-country skiing

To burn calories during and after the effort, you need to practice cross-country skiing. You can easily lose 500 and 1100 kilocalories by doing cross-country skiing. The whole musculature is worked during the practice of cross-country skiing.

The elliptical bike

The elliptical bike is very effective for weight loss. It is also one of the most used cardio-training devices, whether at home or in the gym. You will lose 500 to 800 kilocalories approximately in one hour of work.


You can easily lose 400 to 700 kilocalories per hour when you practice swimming. All muscles are solicited, it also helps you to lose a lot of fat, swimming is a complete sport to lose weight.

Running or treadmill

Running also allows you to lose weight, it can make you lose 400 to 1000 kilocalories in one hour of racing.

The Jump Rope

When you practice the jump rope your blood circulates very well in the legs, it is an exercise that allows you to lose a lot of kilocalories. The jump rope is one of the best sports to lose weight even if it seems not to be difficult. You can burn at least 700 kilocalories per hour when you are practicing it. It is important to avoid the practice of skipping rope in case of back problems.

Spinning or biking

The real fat burners are spinning and cycling. The ABS and the lower body are easily muscular thanks to spinning. You can easily lose over 900 kilocalories, before and after an intense workout of cycling or spinning.

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