The 5 best exercises to muscle the pectorals

The 5 best exercises to muscle the pectorals

The visual indicator of fitness is the torso, when it is well curved, whether it is in man or in woman.  If you are aiming to give tone to your bust or firm up your chest (if you are a woman). Here is for you 5 best exercises to respect, in order to have to muscle your pectorals.

 Classic Pumps

Conventional pumps are the basis for getting the pectorals. Classic pumps can start with your knees on the ground. You will then lift your feet and elbows not far from the body (near the body). You can also work the central part of your torso and your arms by doing exercises of the classic pump on the feet, with legs a little tense. It is important to go in a small way (you have to go according to your pace) to avoid causing problems. Trying to touch the ground with your chest is important for the gesture to be complete.

 ARM Pumps apart

This exercise consists of taking the elbows off the body so that the hands, already spread out, exceed the shoulders. For example, you can put your hands out of the mat, if it's the support you use to practice them. You have to make sure that your arms are stretched as much as possible so that you don't get hurt. A rise of one to two seconds and a descent of three to four seconds make it possible to prolong the pleasure. This exercise allows you to work the left heel and the outside of the pectorals. It's very interesting to muscle your pectorals.

 Arms Pumps declined

To pass this exercise you have to use an object such as a chair, a step or other to raise your hands.  You will then have to use the object as a support of your hands, with the arms a little bit apart as the shoulders. The lower of your torso will be worked, thanks to this exercise, you can be sure that you are working more your pectorals.

 Fifou Pumps

It is true that it is good to do several kinds of pumps, but this is the ultimate level to muscle the pectorals. Try to bring your shoots together so that they touch and cuddle, squeezing your arms.  It will then be easy to develop your pectorals, it is an e, it is an exercise that quickly boosts the muscles.

The dumbbell Pull-over, appreciated to develop the bust

This is an exercise that allows you to work the top of the bust, you can easily have the bottom of your muscular pectorals. To achieve this, you will have to position your back on a bench, flat. You then have to lift a load, with your arms well stretched up the chest. To make it successful, the arms should not be bent, let the arms go down as slowly as possible to the rear. Repeat this gesture 30 times for a start (3 to 6 series).

The dumbbell fly, to tone the chest

This is an exercise that is often carried out when the sessions are over. All the amplitudes of the pectoral muscles are worked through this exercise. To realize it, you have to stretch your arms over your chest. You will then use your arms to keep the loads, having your back laid on a bench (flat). To succeed the ' dumbbell Fly ' you will have to bend your elbows slightly. Make your arms on the ground parallel to each other (by inspiring).  You then have to perform this exercise in three to four series, with 30 movements per series.

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