What a program to muscle your abs

What a program to muscle your abs

Having a big belly can be a real complex for some people. There are certainly many alternatives to having a nice chocolate bar, but a good program followed rigorously can do well. In this article, you will have a program including some abdominal exercises that will allow you to find a flat belly as well as a beautiful chocolate bar.


Training Type Week

First of all, note that this program is spread over an indefinite period since after having your chocolate bar, a continuation will serve as a maintenance. However, after a month the results are clearly noticed. In addition, it is important to keep in mind that you must respect the recovery times indicated. This being, here is a typical week of training with the days of recovery.

  • Monday: 1st session which will be devoted to the great right with frontal sheathing, chest reading, basin reading;
  • Tuesday: Recovery day;
  • Wednesday: 2nd session which will be devoted to obliques with lateral sheathing, chest reading rotation, lateral leg reading;
  • Thursday: Recovery day;
  • Friday: 3rd session which will be devoted to lumbars with extension of bust, reading of lateral legs;
  • Saturday: Recovery day;
  • Sunday: Resume with the 1st session and so on.


The right exercises to muscle the abdominals

A controlled respiration is necessary in order to carry out all the exercises for the abdominals. In other words, the exhalation will be done by the mouth with a re-entry of the belly during the effort. Then the inspiration will also be made with the belly tucked in to return to the initial position.

For the ladies, it is recommended to try to keep the perineum contracted by performing each of the exercises. Hold the contraction for about 30 seconds at each exercise. Indeed, it would be interesting to reach the 1 minute 30 of contraction time. Do this for 3 to 5 sets per exercise and go to the next level when it becomes too easy.


  • Bust reading: Exercise for the great right

Take an elongated position with your back on the mat holding your hand behind your head to relieve your neck. Then, contract the upper part of the ABS, i.e. above the navel to take off the shoulders and then the shoulder blades. Then put the shoulder blades and shoulders back in order to return to the initial position on the mat.


  • Basin Survey: Exercise for the great right

Like the previous exercise, lie down on your back with your arms elongated along the body. Then, contract the lower part of the big right i.e. under the navel to wrap your pelvis and take off your buttocks from the mat. Then resume your initial position.


  • Frontal sheathing: Exercises for the great right

Take a position facing the mat and be on your forearms and on your feet. This position must be maintained with the Retroversion basin and the flat back. In this case, the breathing will have to be slow and controlled. Also tuck your belly in to engage the transverse muscle.


  • Bust Reading Rotation: Exercise for obliques

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head to relieve your neck. Then peel off a scapula and resume your initial position. Do the same for the other scapula.


  • Lateral sheathing: Exercise for obliques

Take a position with the lateral side of the body facing the mat and having as a forearm and feet support. Hold the high position for a few minutes and exercise on the second side.


  • Bust Extension: Lumbar Exercises

Help yourself to a horizontal or inclined lumbar table for this exercise. Then, contract the lower back muscles to an extension of the trunk on the thighs.

A balanced diet would be the ideal complement for this special abdominal program. Also, practice a cardio training activity and this from 30 to 45 minutes at least one session per week. In reality, endurance activities will help you to eliminate the fat mass present especially at your belly.

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