Why work his back in bodybuilding?

Why work his back in bodybuilding?

It is not necessarily a question of aesthetics when it comes to working his back in bodybuilding (muscle his back). For many reasons, back strength is important to having a well-drawn (sculpted) or massive back. You will be able to easily have back pain, muscle deficits or even dangerous injuries if you do not work your spine when you are doing bodybuilding. Here is why it is more than indispensable that you work your back in bodybuilding.

When working in an office, strengthening your back is essential.

We have a bad lifestyle today, we often happen to sit hours sitting, or may be poorly positioned to watch can be TV. These positions that we most often adopt consciously or unconsciously give terrible blows to our backs that we ignore. You may not know it, one of the first causes of disability at work and the very first reason why we do a consultation with a generalist is back pain.

To start avoid already taking some convenient positions, when you are sitting in the office or any place. Also try to adjust the level (height) of the screen and your chair. You have to adjust so that your looks can look in the air, let alone lower, but straight ahead of you.

It is a lack of muscular structure around your spine that is the basis of the bad postures that you take most often. It is essential to muscle his back. Lumbago or neck are for example musculoskeletal disorders that you can avoid, by strengthening your back. The stronger the back is the less vulnerable it is to these disorders.

Muscle his back helps maintain the spine

To find a good posture, in a natural way, it is important to muscle your back. It is the central part of the skeleton that is at the base of the good posture and it is indeed at the back level. Having less back pain and good posture is guaranteed by the well being of the spine. It is your spine that makes you stand up, the shocks you receive most often are absorbed by it in large part, it important not to forget it.

Your trunk becomes stable and you automatically maintain a good posture, thanks to the dorsal muscles, which are systematically divided on both sides of the spine. The back strength helps to maintain your spine in general. You will now be able to develop your musculature over time as well as a more harmonious silhouette.

Muscle your back reduces the risk of injury

The movement of the arms, the shoulders, the movement of the bust and that of certain parts of our body require the intervention of the muscles of the back. For the ease and improvement of the movements of your everyday life, not forgetting that of your sports training, you need to strengthen your back muscles.

It should also not be forgotten that having your muscles reinforced protects you during your workouts. There is pressure exerted on your spine when you are doing the sport or you are working your bodybuilding. If it is not properly reinforced, maintained and protected by your back muscles, you will be able to easily contract an injury. To have a significant reduction in the risk of injury, the work of his back in bodybuilding is indispensable. To improve your posture, it is important to work the abdominal muscles, which also contribute to its maintenance.

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